Wireless Conferencing

Business video conferencing phones

Video conference phones are mainly used in the business sector for remote conferencing, where this allows the user to transfer voice signal along with the visual audio mode. The cordless and corded video conference phones are the two main types of the business video conferencing phones available in the market. The corded expandable video conferencing phone usually provides the full-duplex audio in the small conference rooms as like single unit and in larger rooms as an expanded system. The most of the corded video conferencing phones have the features like three microphones, speed dial, noise cancellation, recording output on the base unit and level controls. A cordless video phone is found to be a high performance wireless conferencing phone because it provides the video in the small-sized rooms with up to eight participants, full duplex with clear audio.

The wireless phones eliminate the restrictions imposed by wires and the use of the WDCT 2.4GHz wireless phones easily connects the unlimited number of participants at a time. Most of this wireless conferencing phones have the features like 150ft wireless signal range, digital spread spectrum, 360-degree microphone coverage, automatic power save mode, 8 hours talk time, dual function power supply charger and have the automatic power save mode. The minimum required components for the business video conferencing at each and every terminal are.

  • Codec
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Camera

The camera and microphone capture the sound and image and the codec converts the audio and video into the digital signals and then encodes and transmit them to the other end. The use of this wireless conferencing phones in business conferences reduce the travel time thereby increasing the productivity of the business and communication made remotely is another advantage of the business wireless video conferencing.

Real benefits of the wireless video conferencing

Video conferencing has reduced the travelling time spend on attending the business meetings conducted on the different place and now this technology is being used in every industry. Recent developments in the wireless networks and the mobile device have propelled further interest in being able to video conference the information at any time from anywhere. The generic application and use of the video conferencing are too numerous because in every department of organizations the meeting is conducted in which they use it for the interviewing or recruiting the new candidates, making the presentation video for the customer, connecting the dispersed staff without travel etc.
Initially many of the organization have implemented the wireless video conferencing technology to travel savings and in addition to this the video conferencing has three major benefits namely enhanced business opportunities, improved management communications and increased efficiency and productivity. The wireless video conferencing provides the tangible benefits to the organizations and in which the devices which are handling the video conferencing ranges from the handheld devices to the high-end conference rooms. This difference in the range of the technology is easier to use, connects more people at any time and in anywhere, moreover the cost is not found to be an issue.

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