Roof repair charlotte nc

Welcome! You have found the most conventional site about roofing on the Internet. We are the first-of-its-kind roofing website dedicated to educating you—the consumer. We bring you a fresh, new approach to understanding the roofing process. It’s unbiased, educational, light-hearted, and fun!

We will assist you in understanding all there is to know about the different roofing materials and help you decided which one is right for you. We take a close look at the major roofing manufacturers and give you the inside track on who is looking out for your best interests. We show you how to choose the right roofing contractor and what key areas to look for during the installation process. In our Roofing Education Center, you can learn about the importance of a roof.

In our Roof repair charlotte nc, you can preview many different types of roofing products and colors on homes just like yours. In addition, (for a small fee) you can send us a picture of your home and we can show you what your home will look like with various roofing products and colors. This service gives you peace of mind in knowing what your home will look like before you buy your new roof.

Roof repair charlotte nc specializes in environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and durable commercial roofing. Let us show you how we can provide you with a sustainable, LEED certified roofing system. The Roof repair charlotte nc system reduces upfront costs through rebates and tax incentives, and reduces ongoing costs through energy savings and low maintenance cost. Top that off with the best commercial warranty in the business, and you have a win win win solution for your new commercial roof.


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