Reliable refrigerator repair

Here at “Refrigerator Repair Specialists”, we understand your urgent requirements when your, fridge, freezer or ice maker is in need of repair, and are able to perform service in a timely fashion while working within the time constraints of your busy day! Prompt, reliable, reasonable, qualified, considerate and courteous are only some of the words that best describe our exemplary repair service for any refrigerator or freezer making us second to none.

Unlike the the lessor policies of our refrigerator repair competitors, we will guarantee all part replacements and their installation labor most any time parts installed by our repair person fails. What’s more, if any other fridge failure should occur, “Refrigerator Repair Specialists” for up to 30 business days, will actually cover those failures for little or nothing. And that’s the “big shoulders” policy that has gotten us to where we are today with many satisfied customers, referrals and recommendations!


When refrigerator food spoilage or freezer loss is at stake, fast attention to your refrigerator or freezer becomes our first and instant priority, so please inform us of it and one of our cheerful dispatchers will expedite your repair order ASAP! Like wise, if your refrigerator, freezer or ice maker can wait till tomorrow or next week, do let us know that as well. (not all repairs are urgent). In either event, you can rest assured – any time one of our fridge techs make a commitment to be there – he will!

Our associate repair technician’s extensive experience, (since 1967), combined with frequent training seminars is your assurance that your refrigerator or freezer will receive the best service available! Possessing great communication skills, our refrigerator repair technicians will happily answer all your questions, as well as update you of their estimated time of arrival.

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