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You may have heard the term SIP trunking or SIP trunk thrown around by tech heads. The fact is it’s not a friendly term and most business owners, managers, or decision makers have a clue or care to have a clue what a SIP trunk is. Simply put, a SIP trunk is a VoIP telephone line futuraoffice.com.au/phone-systems . It allows for one concurrent phone call to come either in or out of your office.

The reason this VoIP telephone line is called a SIP trunk is that “SIP” stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is a specific type of VoIP. In essence, you could call a SIP trunk a VoIP trunk. Now the word trunk, in this case, means line; however, the word trunk was invented because there are 2 types of phone line services: analog and digital.

There are analog lines which we have all been used to having in our homes and offices where you have an actual copper pair wire and that copper pair wire has just one telephone number that belongs to it. With lines, you cannot receive multiple calls on one telephone number because there is only one line that actually belongs to that telephone number. This is why line hunt groups were invented so if line 1 was tied up the phone call would jump to the next line in the group and so on. Now, what is a trunk? The difference between a line and a trunk is that a trunk is digital. It is not associated with a specific telephone number, and it does not come into your building on a copper pair. It comes into your office via your internet connection.

The beauty in this is that let’s say you want to move your operations. With a regular phone line you would have to call your common carrier, and schedule a move where the carrier would have to come to the new location and install new copper lines. You’d have to wait for them to come out and then you’d have to pick a very specific day for this all to happen, making it almost impossible to move seamlessly. With a SIP trunk, all you need in the new location is an internet connection and you are all set! The digital world is a better, more flexible world!

So when you hear the word SIP trunk, just think of it as a digital phone line or a VoIP phone line.

VoIP Service Continues to Dominate

While it’s apparent that many industries, businesses, services, and models are suffering during economic and psychological downtimes, VoIP service is not.  If this isn’t a testament to the fact that VoIP service is the present and the future, then I don’t know what is.  Any product or service that can grow through these times, by definition, is a product that adds tremendous value to its end user.  It’s a simple concept really: growth during what our own president has called a crisis numerous times indicates a darn good product!

The fact is businesses small, medium, and large, all need VoIP service.  Whether it’s a SIP trunking service or a hosted PBX, or a virtual office, these services are all going to help the end user tremendously.  More business organizations are starting to figure this out, but it is happening slowly and steadily.  As with any business technology, decision makers are weary of doing more harm than good, but ultimately, the proof is in the pudding!  Business VoIP service continues to grow and business VoIP providers continue to thrive during what’s been called the worst economy since the early 80′s.

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