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If you have ever encountered a plumbing issue, you have probably had someone in your network of friends suggest a friend or acquaintance who may be able to help you out, at a better price, because they are officially unlicensed, but still a great worker! Even though it may be tempting to purchase what can be expensive services, at reduced cost, the short term save on the costs may in fact, cause longer term issues that may prove your thriftiness on the original cause short-sighted.

Unlicensed Pros & Cons

While the obvious benefits of using an unlicensed plumber may include a reduced costs, there are no shortages of problems that can arise from utilizing the services of any unlicensed contractors.

In some states it may be illegal to be an unlicensed contractor. Although any homeowner using their services are probably not going to be found criminally liable, they may find themselves an unwilling participant in any criminal or even civil court cases that the unlicensed plumber may have been involved in, including your own.
There is a reason why plumbers in most states are required to be educated in many facets of their industries. There are just too many ways to make people sick or even cause their deaths with incorrect plumbing repairs. It may also be a bit easier to cause incidents such as water heater explosions to occur than you think.
When you do not require a license be shown or a contract in place for the plumbing services, you are setting yourself up to also be treated in a fraudulent manner, sometimes even before and in lieu of repairs.
Licensed Pros & Cons

Although one of the most apparent difference may be the price, do not always assume that a licensed plumber comes with a fully overblown hourly fee and additional charges for other random unforeseen issues. There are tons of great plumbers in their industry who are always willing to help work out affordable costs or payment plans. Good plumbers understand the importance of clean water and proper plumbing in all homes and strive to provide that at all cost.

Because licensed plumbers will likely enact a contract for your work, you will have the protection as a consumer should their repairs fail and not be readjusted in a reasonable time. A good plumber always backs up their work and will go by the terms of the contract for future repairs on their work.
While quality of workmanship may be important to licensed and unlicensed plumbing contractors, one vital element of a licensed plumber’s tool bag is their liability insurance. Since plumbing problems can be highly damaging to your home, hiring an unlicensed contractor may mean you are on your own when it comes to any major damage done to your home by the plumber themselves. Even the best and licensed plumbers in the industry understand that in some cases, such as bursting pipes or even an injured worker, homeowners policies will not always cover every issue. Never work with a plumber that has not provided insurance for their work and their workers.



Don’t fall victim to plumbing fraud and end up with even more expenses than you expected. Hire licensed, experienced plumbers like Plumbers Cornelius NC.

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