Here are the top four HD cameras which you may prefer to buy and to make use of it

  1. The stunning Canon VIXIA HF R52:

It would be lightweight and you can buy them along with its battery pack. This had been designed up with an intelligent video auto system. It contains the face detection feature its focus is used for picking up the perfect setting for the users.

  • It contains a 3-inch touchscreen LCD display.

  • It is capable of shooting a 1080p HD video at fps.

  • The Wi-Fi connectivity is available for the handcam is compatible with using the smartphone app.

  • The battery life would be 1.5 hours for continuous recording.

  • It has integrated storage of 32 GB


  1. The attractive Sony HDR CX240

It is the best choice for the person who is interested in making a stunning video and it would be a compact and affordable video camera. It would be easy to use as well as to handle so you can carry them to all the places where ever you go.

  • It had been designed up with the LCD viewfinder that too with a diagonal size of 2.7 inches.

  • It makes use of the buttons so that it would be easy for you to operate.

  • The image processor would be BIONX X while the sensor is ARMOUR R CMOS.

  • It is capable of recording the video at 1080p resolution at 60 fps.

  • Its resolution would be 9.2 megapixels which contain built-in memory storage.


  1. The impressive Panasonic HC W850

It is one of the unique and appealing features of this HD camcorder and it is based on the dial for manual focus. Its resolution is W850 is at megapixel and it is used for making and giving the better than camera phones.

  • It contains the 5.1 channel that too with the built-in microphones which would result for more natural sounding audio.

  • It has an image stabilization system which is used for intelligent focus mode and Wi-Fi as well as the NFC connectivity.

  • It contains 3-inch touchscreen LCD with a twin recording HD camera which has extra features.

  1. The expressive Sony HDR PJ27.5

It is capable of recording the 1080p resolution at 60 fps and produces a great starter camera. The screen size would be 2.7 inches and boasts of Wi-Fi connectivity. On these features it contains PJ275 camcorder has a still camera resolution of 9.2 megapixels. The footage could be captured with the excellent quality even at the low lighting conditions.

Advantages of using HD cameras

The HD is a megapixel camera and through using it one can able to take an attractive and impressive photo. Even many video and photography enthusiasts also prefer to make use of the HD camcorders by using the smartphones when it comes to recording and taking pictures. Especially when you pick up the HD cameras one can able to offer a better video as well as the audio quality because it would contain a built-in microphone.

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