Bucks Party Ideas

The last celebration before married life can range from a high tea to a night out on the town to a week in Bali and anything in between.

We’re here to help make it a fabulous success for everyone with our huge range of Bucks Party Supplies and even bigger range of custom sashes, tshirts, Bucks party tattoos, badges and more. My Bucks Party can proudly lay claim to having the largest range of entertainment Straws in Australia, a variety of colours, types and either in packs or as singles!.

EpicHolidays Bucks Party Ideas brings you a fabulous, fun and ever expanding range of products for your Bucks Party or Bucks Night! All the party accessories, inflatables, decorations, games, novelties, kitchen and table ware, gifts for the Hen and the Buck and much more. Everything you need to put on the perfect Bucks party!



The Kiss the Lady Game comes with a big poster of a cartoon lady, dressed demurely in his skivvies. The poster comes with stickers that look like little kisses. How to play? Blindfold one party guest at a time (blindfold not included), and lead her toward the poster. Spin her around a few times and let her place her kiss on the poster. Whoever comes closest to placing the kiss sticker on the cartoon lady’s mouth wins! (You can also play a naughtier version, but we’ll leave that up to you.)

Definitely every person is wanting to receive a substantial amount of entertainment from a Bucks Party thus starting your ultimate Bash here is the perfect kick off point to you creating a successful and exciting occasion for you, the bride-to-be and all of her good friends.


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