Termites are one kind of best to keep away from your property. The can infiltrate the soil around you home and raise an army to invade your house. Left untreated, termites will snack on your home until there is nothing to left to eat or they are eradicated.

There are treatments available to pull the reins in on them and pre-emptive treatments that will prevent a termite problem before it happens. There are a few do it yourself remedies available for those who want to tackle the termite problem with no professional help. The do it yourself methods will be effective, but only to a certain extent.

A professional termite treatment Perth will know the areas to check and apply the best available methods to terminate the termites. Termites have the ability to keep hidden while performing their deeds of destruction until the wood they are eating develops holes that can be seen by the naked eye. They build mud tubes and burrow under the surface of the soil.

Termites have remarkable procreation capabilities and with just a few reproducing termites can build a colony from hundreds to many thousands. The queen can deliver up to 2,000 eggs per day and live up to 45 years and be capable of reproducing to the end.

Termites are while in color and sometimes they are difficult to see. In Australia they are called white ants, but they are a very distant cousin to the ant. They like to live in old tree trunks as well as any pile of wood left unattended. They will munch and crunch the wood until there is nothing left but a pile of sawdust.

There are more than 350 species of termites in Australia and in nature they assist the cycle of recycling and take nutrients and organic matter back to the soil. Termites dislike light and prefer to stay in darkened areas. A homeowner would be wise to have a yearly termite inspection performed by a licensed and certified termite inspector. An inspection will identify possible termite areas, as well as identify colonies that have started to form.